Mahavir Vidyalaya Narauja

Infrastructure & Facilities


  • Buildings of M V Narauja is built & owned by Vidyalaya itself.
  • There are 14 rooms for academic purpose (12 class room + 2 teacher room), two rooms for washroom. 
  • All buildings are made of bricks and 60% of them have permanent roofs.
  • All rooms are well equipped with basic facilities like proper ventilation & natural lights, electrification and furniture etc.

Drinking Water & sanitation

  • There is one handpump at the school for drinking water. 
  • Well furnished child friendly washroom for boys and girls.
  • Proper arrangement of cleaning and sanitation in the Vidyalaya. 
  • There is one staff for all cleaning and sanitation purposes.
  • The school has accessibility of a submersible pump for various sanitation process. 

Class Room & Library

  • There are total 10+2 class rooms for each standard starting from LKG to class 10.
  • Each class room are naturally airy and equipped with electric fan & LED.
  • All class rooms are student friendly; well equipped with ergonomically suitable furniture.
  • There is a small library with some important books which are important for students curriculum.

Transportation Facilities

  • Currently, MV Vidyalaya does not offer any transportation facilities to the students.
  • It is student’s parents/guardians responsibility to arrange the transportation facilities by themselves.
  • The reason why MV Narauja does not offer transportation facilities is to reduce the burden of transportation charges.
  • MV Narauja is planning to start the transportation facilities in near future.

Student Safety

  • Mahavir Vidyalaya Narauja do care about the safety of the student at the Vidyalaya.
  • The Principal visits each room daily, at least once, to ensure the necessary  safety environment.    

Vidyalaya Ground

  •  MV Vidyalaya has a small ground.
  • It serve the purpose of prayer ground and play ground both.
  • This ground does not have boundary wall.
  • All the maintenance work of the ground is done by Vidyalaya itself.