Mahavir Vidyalaya Narauja


If a student want to withdraw his/her admission prior to completion of an academic year or after the completion of an academic year, the student is liable to abide by following rules:

  • The student must submit an hand written application to the Principal seeking withdrawal from the Vidyalaya, at least, 15 days prior to the actual withdrawal date.
  •  The application must be dully acknowledged by student’s parents/guardians.
  • The student must pay all annual fees/charges of that academic year, however, tuition fee has to be paid up to the withdrawal month of the academic year only.
  • The student must provide details of cause of withdrawal. If student withdraws due to genuine medical/health issue, it has to be mentioned in the application but if withdrawal is due to non health issue, details must be provided separately.
  • Student of class V and higher classes will get Transfer Certificate (TC) along with withdrawal slip, however student of class IV and lower classes with get TC on demand only.
  • If a student withdraws from the Vidyalaya without any prior notice, he will be charged the all fees of that academic years