Mahavir Vidyalaya Narauja

Life at MV Narauja

Generally a Vidyalaya/School is the first formal place where a child is introduced about the various local and global changes and challenges. It is a responsibility of the Vidyalaya to let their student be aware of these changes and challenges apart from core academics. ‘What should be strategy, approach and character of a kid if he/she comes across with some tough situations’ is an important issue which must be addressed properly and carefully at any Vidyalaya. 

 Mahavir Vidyalaya Narauja let their student feel and adopt the spirit of togetherness in joyful atmosphere. Apart from excellent academic environment, the Vidyalaya facilitates the students with various creative and out of the syllabus tasks by different mediums. 

To check and know more about the various creative tasks and mediums, please click on the links below: