Mahavir Vidyalaya Narauja

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

About MV Narauja

Mahavir Vidyalaya Narauja is situated in Narauja which comes under Jamunipur gram Panchayat. For exact location Click Here



Yes, MV Narauja has sufficient and quality room equipped with all basic facilities.

Yes, MV Narauja believes in education to all and therefore, it  facilitates the suitable environment to its all pupils

MV Narauja provides education in Hindi medium, however, it also prepares its student to get habituated in English medium.


In general, Admission Period is the time span 15 days before and 30 days after to the start of an academic year, but it may be extended in special situation.

Note – Academic year starts at 1st of April of current year and ends at 31th March of ensuing year.

In general, No, but you can get admission only if the Principal, Mahavir Vidyalaya Narauja allows to do so.

One can pay his/her fees at following time: 

  •  Minimum stipulated fees as MV Narauja decides, has to be submitted at the time of admission
  • Tuition fee has to be paid, at least,  monthly basis. 

For Fee Structure; Please Click Here.

Currently, all fees are paid via offline mode at the Vidyalaya only, online facility will be started very soon with detailed payment procedure and the same will be updated on the website also.

Since tuition fees at MV Narauja is very low and it is collected  to run and maintain the school functionality only. It is individual’s responsibility to pay their respective fees at or before the scheduled time. If some one fails to do so, he shall have to submit an application signed by his/her parents/guardian to the principal. The Principal, Mahavir Vidyalaya Narauja has exclusive right to take the decision on this issue.


MV Narauja follows the measures to record the each student’s progress as below :

  • Student’s presence, attentiveness, discipline and responses in each class are recorded by respective class teacher.
  • student’s home work quality and punctuality is assessed on regular basis.
  • Performance of the student in each tests/exams is evaluated and recorded.
  • A cumulative progress report is prepared at the end of the academic year.

Till now, only offfline mode of teaching is followed. Efforts are being made to start the online teaching facilities very soon. the same will be updated on the website.

Since Mahavir Vidyalaya Narauja considers overall performance of a student, it always discourages him/her not to participate any academic/co-curricular activities. If anyone fails to do so, promotion to next standard/class will depends on the decision made by core academic committee headed by the Principal 

No, MV Narauja does not have any branch.